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Local Available San Diego Fishing Trips

1/2 Day Trips - 6am-11:30am or 12:30pm-5:30pm $850.00

"El Gato Dos" offers summer half day deep sea fishing trips to the world famous La Jolla and Point Loma Kelp beds. White sea bass, calico bass, sand bass, barracuda, bonito and yellowtail are the targeted species. We fish with live bait and light tackle for our quarry. The weather is exceptionally calm during the summer months and ideal for groups with a limited amount of fishing time. We usually start fishing within 45 minutes of the harbor entrance. While fishing at anchor we frequently will see schools of fish charging up the chum line chasing anchovies and sardines. Seeing a school of bass or yellowtail airborne behind the boat is impressive to say the least.

3/4 Day Local Trip - 7am-4pm "Local" $1500.00

The 3/4 day "Local" fishing trip fishing the California Coastal Waters fishing on anchor for local surface and bottom fish species like Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Halibut, Rock Cod, Sculpin, Whitefish, Barracuda, Mackeral and Sandbass THIS IS NOT A OFFSHORE TUNA TRIP. "El Gato Dos" leaves the dock at 7:00 A.M. and returns at 4:00 P.M. This schedule enables us to go to those areas infrequently fished by the local fleet. We target those hard to find spots that sustain minimal fishing pressure. A particular favorite of our regular groups is to fish the reefs north of La Jolla where the big bull bass live.

We are flexible during these trips because when migratory fish appear off the coast we charge to the west to catch our share!

A number of trips this past summer resulted in trolling offshore for tuna and yellowtail within 5 miles of the harbor!

During the winter months we shift gears and usually head southwest to fish the Nine Mile Bank or the Continental Shelf for bottom creatures.

Because we fish with light tackle the action is spectacular. The vast majority of our winter trips this year resulted in limits (10 fish per person).

The electronic equipment aboard is a handy tool in locating those hidden spots!

On 3/4 day trips continental breakfast and lunch is provided. Also, included are the tackle, licenses, beverages, bait and fillet service. (Crew gratuity is not included and greatly appreciated!)

Coronados Islands - 3/4 Day Coronado Islands 5am-5pm - $1975.00

The Los Coronado Islands are in Mexican waters, twenty miles south of San Diego. There are four islands that comprise this marine sanctuary.

During the spring, the yellowtail, calico bass, sand bass and barracuda invade the surrounding waters. This is an all day adventure which departs at 5:00 A.M. and returns at 5:00 P.M. (approximately). The currents around the islands dictate where and when we fish as reading them right is the key to a successful trip.

The trip includes a continental breakfast, lunch, beverages, tackle, bait, Mexican fishing licenses and fillet service. Valid Passport and Mexican Fishing License Required (Crew gratuity is not included and greatly appreciated!)

Offshore Tuna Trolling - 3/4 Day Coronado Islands 5am-5pm - $1975.00

Valid Passport and Mexican Fishing License Required - During the summer months "El Gato Dos" ventures offshore to search for yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, dorado and marlin. Starting in July we usually see schools of hungry yellowtail lurking under the kelp patties offshore. As the season progresses into August the tuna and dorado move north with the current and seek this same type of structure. Marlin also begin to appear at this same time.

The peak of the tuna season is September and October which usually sees the fish moving within 20 miles of the harbor. We usually leave at 5:00 A.M. on these trips unless fish location dictates otherwise. There will be no shortage of effort on our part to find you fish. This past season saw some exceptionally good fishing 15 miles south of the Coronado Islands. We are looking forward to a similar pattern this summer.

Tackle, bait, Mexican fishing licenses, beverages, continental breakfast, lunch and fillet service are included. (Crew gratuity is not included and greatly appreciated!)

Whale Watching - $300 for 3 hours

San Diego is on the route that the California Gray Whales travel each winter from their feeding grounds off Alaska to their calving lagoons in Baja California. Join the crew of the El Gato Dos, for a personalized whale watching trip with up to six passengers for three hours for only $300



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